Thursday, November 20, 2014

Playing Dragon Age

I just found my new favorite addiction.  Dragon Age is an amazingly well put together game.  A couple of weeks ago I started playing Origins and I've since put in around 40 hours into it.  What amazes me about that is the menu still tells me that I've still only completed around 19 percent of the game.

Just about every other game that I have ever played would have been finished around 25-30 hours into it.   There is just so much to do and I'm still really into it.  I can't wait to find out what is going to happen next and I love trying to come up with the proper strategy to approach a situation.  In this particular game you can't just run into any situation with out a plan.

On Tuesday, Dragon Age: Inquisition came out and I went to the midnight release to get my copy.  After playing some of the game I am officially blown away by not just the story, but the game play has been improved on.  In my opinion the combat system is so much better then before.

Inquisition refers back to the original game enough that now, I've put it back down until I can finish the full series.  This might take a while.  I also picked up Dragon Age II on Tuesday.  So let the trilogy begin.

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