Monday, November 4, 2013

Staying Inspired

I just found a couple of new ways to keep myself inspired.  I forced myself into a couple of new classes.  Lucky for me they were free of charge.  What currently has my interest is the new project I decided to take on.  I wrote a short idea.  Not really considered a complete story (in my opinion), but I think the idea is fun and can still make for an interesting ten seconds of animation or so.  Not to mention, the idea in my head is slightly above my skill set.  The title of the short animation is called "Stand Back."  It's an idea I came up with one day just before I headed to work.  Here's a link to the short story I wrote (Stand Back).

I know, I know I have a hard time finishing projects.  I think that doing this with my free time will help change that.  I know when I was in school I had the motivation to finish my assignments because of the weight each one carried.  That being the deadlines, the urge to impress my classmates and teacher, and the high cost of each class.  So now I believe that I'll have deadlines to keep and goals to maintain.

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