Sunday, August 4, 2013

The last few weeks have been really interesting.  I've been studying character rigging from two different sources.  It's been going well.  Because of the lack in time I'm having a hard time picking projects to do.  So what I did decide to do is work on studying the books that I have had sitting in my collection and has only been collecting dust.  The only problem that I have with that is this makes me want to study other things.  I've realized that I have a little bit of an issue with focusing on one thing for too long.  Either way I did a quick video showing what I have learned so far with rigging the spine and a "free hip" setup.  The spine has the ability to turn on and off stretching.  I went through the step by step on this setup about four or five times and then I looked through the user manual on the program to fully comprehend every component used.

When I created the demonstration on the short video I came across a new issue with the clusters used to controls the spine.  I did manage to find a work around in the issue.  I'm just hoping that the next time I open up the file it will stick.

Here is what I have learned so far.  Next is working with arm; scapula deformations, clavicle rotations, and wrist and forearm twist.

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