Thursday, July 19, 2012

So I've been a spending a lot of time away from doing my portraits.  I honestly thought I would have gotten a lot farther then this before I slowed down.  Once I started getting a feel for it, even though it was only a little comfort, I started to add on all sorts of different tasks.  I get a little A.D.D that way, Lol.  The only problem with that is I didn't complete my first goal.  Even worse, once everything gets really hard I stop all together and nothing gets done.  Which is exactly what is going on right now o.O

Well... anyway, I'm going to give my portrait mission another try.  I'm going to start where I left off (This kind of feels like when I'm playing a game on my PS3 and I save in order to comeback at it later, I don't know may not the best method to improve but... eh).  Hopefully I  have the right formula of topics to keep me busy, and method of attack to keep my attention.  Persistance and focus is key.

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