Monday, May 21, 2012


Two days ago I attended Spectrum Fantastic Art Live.  It was a lot to take in all at once.  My mind was blown at every turn I made.  As if the names alone wasn't exciting enough to find out about, while I was walking around I thrown back by all the painting, drawings, sculptures, and what ever else that I recognized.  At one point I would walk by and think, "Whoa! I've been fallowing this artist since I was a teenager."  Then I would continue walking and I would see a painting that had inspired me down one path and my jaw would drop again.  These works of arts are way better up close in personal.  So if you can't tell I had a lot of fun in Kansas City last Saturday.  I only wish I was able to attend all three days it was going on, especially since the Batmobile was there last night and I missed it.  I also missed out on the award show which I would have loved to have attended as well.  I promise, if they do this again next year and I'm here I'm going to be better prepared for it.

With new inspiration and a renewed drive for my art I have decided to challenge myself.  I'm planning on doing something that will fill my portfolio, but also improve my skill level. I am going to try and get 100 portraits done by August 21st.  I'm going to do 50 of them digitally and 50 of them with traditional media.  I think this should be a lot of fun.  It will definitely be a challenge, I still have other responsibilities in life, but life's a journey and I'll mold it the way I see fit.

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